Visiting Different Genre Conferences…

Fun with the Romance Writers of Wisconsin There is no better way to up your game in writing than to visit other writing genre associations and […]

Happy Father’s Day, 2019

Father’s Day is this weekend…did you remember? Sometimes a card or a phone call will do, or a special gift. How about a cherished memory that […]

1. Do You Need a Writing Buddy?

Do you need a writing buddy? What do they do for you anyway? How do you find one? Writing is a solitary business and often lonely. […]

2. Approaching Deadlines

Occasionally people ask, “How do you write every day? Doesn’t that take a lot of discipline?” Well it does and it doesn’t. Remember that I am […]

Trips and Update

People keep asking me about book 2 of the Right Guard Trilogy Series. Is there one? When is it coming out? Am I working on it? […]

You Don’t Have To Be An Anthropologist

Have you always been a writer? Many of you are probably coming to writing from another job, or are writing while holding down a day job. […]

Emoting, Not Emoticons

One of the ways to connect with your reader is to make them feel something. Creating an emotional connection can make a lasting impression on the […]

Write Like A Spy

The Right Guard is a very realistic spy thriller, and this is, in part, due to writing style. Writing like a spy may seem like a […]

Why Do I Need An Agent?

Have you just finished a novel and you’re having trouble justifying getting a literary agent? Here are a few reasons why you do need one! Negotiation […]

So You Think You’re Finished Writing Your Novel?

Have you finally put the last touches on your novel? Now, you think you’re ready to start on the next step of your journey? Don’t put […]

A Report On The Not So Elegant

Are you just starting to write your own novel? Maybe you are half way through? Have you been writing every day to finish? Imagine writing reports […]

Old Jobs = New Ideas

Most authors, whether they are famous or not, have held other jobs. Often, they use this previous work experience to inform their writing. To access those […]

Hiring a Consultant? Here are Tips on What to Look For

Are there times when you feel like you’ve run head long into a wall from a business standpoint? Or have you come across something you’re not […]

The CIA Museum

Do you know a spy buff who might enjoy a trip to the CIA Museum? Have you thought about taking the trip yourself? Well, according to […]

Understand the Social Structures Inside Your Novel

Social structure is one of the subtopics that a cultural anthropologist, like Alexandra Hamlet, studies. It is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the internal institutionalized relationships built […]

Gathering Intelligence in the CIA and DIA

The United States of America has a long history of gathering intelligence to gain the upper hand on military forces inside our borders and out. According […]

Cultural Anthropology–The Study of What?

Anthropology has many sub-specialties, one of which is cultural anthropology. Generally speaking, anthropology is the study of humans, but more than that, it studies how they […]

Writing Your First Novel

Anthropologist, international lecturer, and consultant Alexandra Hamlet now has a new title–award winning author. In her first novel, Hamlet jumps deep into the military-intelligence world with […]