You Don’t Have To Be An Anthropologist
April 15, 2017
2. Approaching Deadlines
July 10, 2017

People keep asking me about book 2 of the Right Guard Trilogy Series. Is there one? When is it coming out? Am I working on it? Yes, to all your questions. It’s coming. Really!!! More info will be provided later but yes, there will be a second one soon and then a third. From there? Who knows…something to reveal in another blog later.

Some of the old characters and some new characters will appear in this second one, as well as new complications and locations. We recently visited Quebec, Canada to finish up some late research on locations in Montreal, Prevost, Saint-Hippolyte, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts and many of their communities. As many of my readers know, I try to present my characters from real locations with accuracy, when possible. I guess that’s the anthropologist in my work. Yes, I do visit or know personally most of the locations I write about. When that’s not available, I work with others who intimately interact with the locations. So, it takes time. It’s not easy for people to be armchair authors anymore. The world is changing too rapidly and the earth’s landscapes and cities can shift in a heartbeat.

On my visits to some of my books’ future locations and speaking solely from my anthropology background, we have lost some of the world’s greatest ancient archeological treasures recently due to terror and ideology and to intercity growth and improvements. You can’t hold up humanities’ growth but why do some consider the loss so tragic? Our archeological and anthropological past assists in our understanding for future discoveries and directions of our humanity. It reminds us that every civilization has problems and difficulties to overcome. We learn and improve from past decisions and problem solving whether it be politics, conflict, medicine, art, architecture, technology and other fine points of culture. When our history is lost to us, civilizations can be clumsy and miss significant lessons in resolving new problems that face them. When we are too late in capturing and archiving these cultures, valuable information is lost to us forever.

Thank you, Quebec, for the wonderful visit. The North Woods folks and guides were fabulous at answering my questions. In Montreal, thanks to the great restaurants and bars, tour guides, the museums, the Basilique de Notre Dame in Montreal, the St. Lawrence views…the people who were so gracious and patient with my French. Thanks to all the rest who are not mentioned here and a special thanks to the owners and staff of Auberge du Lac Morency, in Saint-Hippolyte, Quebec for their hospitality. A rustic, charming and adventurous stay.
Happy travels in your own world. AH

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